Our Story:

It was a meeting of the minds.

Through hearing the stories of all their clients, the team at Serenity, dedicated to all facets of health - from residential care to medication management - realized a deep need wasn’t being met. Mordechai, on the other side of things, was running a successful private therapy practice agency that inevitably catered to a small demographic. Both our team and Mordechai knew that mental health had to become more accessible, without losing the quality of care necessary to make real, lasting change. From weekly radio shows, writing, teaching and treating, Mordechai decided to team up with Serenity.

Serenity was started from an awareness of a gaping hole in our healthcare system - access to mental wellbeing. That vision became the underlying thread through every fabric of creating the Center.

From our commitment to training our therapists in a vast array of therapeutic modalities and providing stellar supervision to our mission of making top quality care affordable and centered around every individual’s unique needs, we strive toward inclusivity and accessibility.

There are so many communities that don’t have easy access to therapy. Whether those blocks are rooted in cultural stigma or rooted in financial stress, we’re here to change that. Therapy isn’t just for the mentally ill or the rich. Going to therapy doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough or capable enough. Going to therapy shouldn’t be a source of shame or discomfort. Going to therapy is about taking personal responsibility. It’s about freedom - the freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

That’s why we at Serenity have created a center to empower you to join in on a journey of self healing.

We have all lived through experiences that have challenged us. We all have held on to whatever helps us keep going every day. What if it wasn’t just about surviving? What if we told you that you could thrive in your life? What if there was a better version of you just around the corner? What if we told you that we could help you become that person?

It starts with you. Let us help you help yourself.